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Dwarf Banana Seeds Bonsai Tree Tropical Fruit Seeds (400-Pack)

Germination time: 5-7 days
For germination temperature: 15-20'C
Applications: Balcony, garden, living room, study, windows, office, etc.
How To Grow The Seeds?
Before planting, the seeds need to fill in the planting bed foot of water, irrigation to soil for 8-10 cm deep soil moisture saturation is appropriate. According to the growth of the seedlings and then watering right amount of water, prevent soil compaction. After the bottom water infiltration, the bed surface thin layer of fine soil sprinkle sifted. Usually they sow, drilling and on-demand. Immediately after sowing casing, casing fine sieved soil use. Overburden thickness of about 0.8-1.0 cm, Bo Hou uniform. After sowing, then 8 grams per square meter seedbed 50% carbendazim WP fine soil mix evenly spread thin in the bed surface, can prevent seedling damping-off occurs, the seeds did not germinate during the nursery beds should be watered frequently to seeds will begin to germinate in 5-7 days.

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banana plant If you are looking for a banana that grows tall you'll love the Saba. This banana come from the Phillipines where it is used in cooking. Saba banana, when mature, is very large and sturdy. It can grow to 25-30 feet tall, is very tolerant to cold and is wind resistant. It's also great for shade. The trunk can be as thick as 18 inches. The fruit is three inches long and one inch wide. When ripe, the fruits can be cooked into various desserts. If you live above zone 8, dig it up in the fall and bring it indoors for the winter. You can also store it in a location that stays above freezing.

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"Ice Cream" Banana Plant - Live Banana Tree "Ice Cream" - Rare Banana Plant
Among the Best Tasting of all Desert Bananas
Comes in 4" pot 4" - 8"+ inches tall
Hint of Vanilla Cream Flavor Banana and Very Sweet
The Ice Cream Banana plant is one of best tasting Banana Varieties. The Ice Cream Banana had a hint of vanilla flavor and creamy texture.

The bananas are medium to large in size and fatter than the Chiquita Banana or Gran Nain.

These are beautiful, fast growing banana plants with long broad leaves. They can reach 8' to 16 ' feet tall depending on environment and grow to maturity within 1-2 years.

Plants are 4"-8"+ (picked randomly) and shipped in 4" pots and ready to transplant.


Plant Description

The Dwarf Cavendish banana is a widely grown and commercially important Cavendish cultivar. The name "Dwarf Cavendish" is in reference to the height of the pseudostem, not the fruit and can grow 5-8 ft tall. Young plants have maroon or purple blotches on their leaves but quickly lose them as they mature. It is one of the most commonly planted banana varieties from the Cavendish group, and the main source of commercial Cavendish bananas along with Grand Nain. Last of all, it has great disease resistance and can grow from Central to Southern States Zone 8-11.

How to Grow

Most all edible plants grow well in Full Sun, a little shade won?t hurt. For starter plants I recommend growing in a 4 inch to 1 gallon pot to allow your plants to get a little bigger then then re-pot or plant. Banana Plants can be planted in most healthy soils with normal pH range 6.0-8. I recommend growing in an organic potting soil with the fertilizer and beneficials already mix in. Keep your soil moist, not not soaked and keep consistently watered. A key feature is the banana?s rhizomatous root system, which puts up new stalks each year. For good fruit production, it helps to limit the plant to three or four stalks that are different ages. The oldest and tallest one should be flowering and/or fruiting. The second one should be one-half to one-third the size of the first. And finally, there should be one or two young plants that are six inches to three feet tall.



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