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live coconut palm trees

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Malayan Coconut Palm - Cocos nucifera

The Malayan Coconut Palm tree (Cocos nucifera) is in a league of its own. Whether you have vacationed, will vacation, or dream of vacationing anywhere near a beach, you will see the Malayan Coconut Palm everywhere you go. The origin of the Malayan Coconut Palm is unknown but is thought to come from parts of Southeast Asia. Its one of the most beautiful palm trees to be seen during a sunset or sunrise. The Malayan Coconut is not only awesomely beautiful, but it’s also useful. When mature, the Malayan Coconut produces coconuts for actual consumption and nutrition. Some people say coconut water is miracle water for the body. Also, the Malayan Coconut provides just the right size of shade and also provides a great place for a hammock. So just imagine yourself drinking your own coconut water, from your own Malayan Coconut Palm tree, underneath its shade, while swinging on a hammock.

Wholesale Coconut Nursery
For wholesale palm pricing on Island Tropical Palm Foliage please contact us at 888-RPT-AGRO or contact us via email at customer.service[at]

Malayan Coconut Palm - Large Palm Tree

Price: 329.95
Large Malayan Coconut Palm Tree for use indoors and outdoors. Botanical Name: Cocos nucifera, Common Names: Coconut Palm

Date Palm v. Medjool - Large Palm Tree

Price: 1,399.95
Large Medjool Date Palm Tree for use indoors and outdoors. Botanical Name: Phoenix dactylifera Medjool, Common Names: Date Palm, True Date, Medjool Palm, Medjool Date Palm, Phoenix Medjool Palm, Jewel Palm, Medjewel Palm

Mexican Fan Palm - Large Palm Tree

Price: 309.95
Large Mexican Fan Palm Tree for use indoors and outdoors. Botanical Name: Washingtonia robusta, Common Names: Mexican Fan Palm

Purple King Palm - Large Palm Tree

Price: 549.95
Large Purple King Palm Tree for use indoors and outdoors. Botanical Name: Archontophoenix purpurea, Common Names: Purple King Palm, Mount Lewis King, Purple Piccabean Palm, Purple Palm

Pygmy Date Palm - Large Palm Tree

Price: 689.95
Large Pygmy Date Palm Tree for use indoors and outdoors. Botanical Name: Phoenix roebelenii, Common Names: Pygmy Date Palm

True Date Palm Tree (Medjool), Phoenix dactylifera, Medjool Date Palm

(Wholesale Medjool Date Palms are available)

This cold hardy date palm tree is more commonly referred to by it's variety name, Medjool Date Palm. It's long botanical name is Phoenix Dactylifera 'Medjool' Date Palm. Phoenix is the species, Dactylifera is the genus, and Medjool is the Variety. This beautiful date palm is also scientifically spelled and referenced as Phoenix dactylifera v. medjool; notice the lower case v. Variety is noted with a lower case v. and a period to identify Variety. There are many varieties in the genus, for example the True Date, Barhi, Deglet Noor, and Zahidi. The Zahidi and Medjool Palm are the most sought after variety in the Dactylifera genus. All palm trees in the Phoenix family are considered to be prestigious. The Medjool Date Palm are known for its tasty delicious fruits it produces 2 to 3 times a year.

These Date Palms are a simple of grace and beauty. The trunks of the date palms are given the diamond cut for aesthetics and texture but can be also sold with out being cut. The Medjool Date Palms are considered the cold hardiest out of the varieties of date palms and can be planted from Florida to Texas, to Arizona, to New Mexico and even South Carolina. Landscaping designing with Medjool Date Palm trees is easy and can make a great impact on the overall design. The Medjool Date Palm is often used near pools, homes, churches, hotels and also near on the beaches because the Medjool Date Palm is very salt water tolerant. The perfect date palm for any landscape.

This date date palm tree will make a great addition to any home office or landscape. It will give a sense of the tropics with little cost. Its time to go green and buy real palm trees. Real Palm Trees make a home feel like home by giving you the feel of nature inside or out. Buy this date palm tree and have a piece of unspoiled nature.

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Wholesale Date Palm Prices Available.

Large Date Palm Wholesale Nursery
For export/import pricing on large wholesale palm trees or Caribbean Tropical Plant Foliage please contact us at 888-RPT-AGRO or contact us via email at customer.service[at]

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The coconut tree (Cocos nucifera) is a member of the family Arecaceae (palm family) and the only living species of the genus Cocos. The term coconut can refer to the whole coconut palm or the seed, or the fruit, which, botanically, is a drupe, not a nut. A spelling cocoanut is an archaic form of the word. The term is derived from the 16th-century Portuguese and Spanish word coco meaning "head" or "skull", from the three indentations on the coconut shell that resemble facial features

Coconuts are known for their versatility ranging from food to cosmetics. They form a regular part of the diets of many people in the tropics and subtropics. Coconuts are distinct from other fruits for their endosperm containing a large quantity of water (also called "milk"), and when immature, may be harvested for the potable coconut water. When mature, they can be used as seed nuts or processed for oil, charcoal from the hard shell, and coir from the fibrous husk. When dried, the coconut flesh is called copra. The oil and milk derived from it are commonly used in cooking and frying, as well as in soaps and cosmetics. The husks and leaves can be used as material to make a variety of products for furnishing and decorating. The coconut also has cultural and religious significance in certain societies, particularly in India, where it is used in Hindu rituals.

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