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garden seeder

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The Earthway Precision garden seeder provides a more efficient way to seed large vegetable gardens and flower beds The seeder comes with six standard seed plates for seeding sweet corn, bean, peas, carrots, beets, and radishes: install the appropriate plate, and it will automatically space seeds at the ideal length. It also opens, closes, and packs the soil, and even marks the next row ahead of time. The seeder is made from tough, weather-resistant materials for years of trouble-free operation. Assembly is required. Additional seed plates are available for purchase separately.

  • Garden seeder designed for easy, efficient, effective planting
  • Automatically spaces seeds at ideal intervals
  • Tough, weather-resistant construction; assembly required
  • Includes 6 seed plates
  • Available seed plates for separate purchase


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The Precision garden seeder features dual hoppers allowing you to plant and fertilize simultaneously. Included is also a storage pouch for 7 seed plates included with the unit.
- Two hoppers for simultaneous planting and fertilizing
- 7 Seed Plates Included For Over 30 Varieties Of Seed
- Storage Pouch For Storing Seed Plates
- Concave Wheel Design Forms A Small Mound Over The Seed And Cleats The Groung For Proper Drainage