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Chapin Garden Seeder model 8701B - $89.99

The Chapin Garden Seeder 8701B previously known as Chapin Garden Seeder With Six Seed Plates 5lbs. (840000) is a hopper that can hold up to 5 lbs. of seed with six interchangeable seed plates. The seed plate can accommodate 20 seed types. It features an adjustable 30" row marker for precise spacing between rows and a rust-resistant zinc plow blade. The unit has a long comfort grip handle for convenience, a durable powder coated steel frame, and also a poly seed hopper. It has an adjustable ground breaker for accurate depth, basing it on the type of seed. The hole after dropping the seed will be efficiently covered by the aluminum plow featured on the unit. A wide rear is conveniently placed, putting the soil into place after the seed drop. 

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Earthway 1001B Precision Garden Seeder - $147.89


  • All aircraft aluminum semi-assembled frame -
  • and new row marker retaining clip
  • Features rustproof wheels, 30" aluminum -
  • row marker and adjustable ground opener
  • Six precision seed plates for corn, radish/-
  • leeks/spinach, carrots/lettuce/turnips, -
  • beans/small peas, jumbo peas, beets/okra/chard
  • Cover chain