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live coconut palm tree

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Tropical coconut palm tree organically grown in the Caribbean.  The Coconut palm is well known for its many uses, coconut fruit can be used to make Milk, Butter, Oil, Soap, any many more, this plant measures 3 feet in length.  I will ship in a long box. You will love being able to make your own coconut recipes from your own tree, they taste so much sweeter than anything you''ll find at the supermarket. 

Once palm arrives, it will do best in a 3-5 gallon container, slightly moist, warm, and in fast draining soil.  Pumice, small bark chips, perlite, wood shavings, vermiculite, and coarse sand can all be used allow good drainage. These palms typically favor shade, filtered sun, or morning/late afternoon sun until established, then they can be acclimated into full sun. Planting the coconut palm is simple, just bury the coconut 1/2 deep in the soil, leaving the top 1/2 exposed. 

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