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Premium Hand Selected Optics:  The optical quality of the Celestron 120mm Refractor is unmatched at this price level. The optics are hand selected to meet the rigorous quality demands Celestron employs in the manufacturing process. After being hand selected, the optics are coated using Celestron's patented SuperBright XLT coatings. What does all this mean? It means the objects you observe through the telescopes is going to be seen with greater clarity, it will appear brighter and be free of nearly all distortion caused by magnifying the light. The 120mm aperture (lens diameter) and the 1000mm focal length of this telescope means that this telescope is going to collect a lot of light and provide unbelievable detail when viewing everything from planets to distant galaxies and nebulae. The Light Gathering Power of this telescope is 294 times more than powerful than the naked eye.

Enjoy Everything in Space:  With this telescope, your eyes will pop out when you look at the moon -- the detail of the surface is incredible. You'll enjoy viewing Rings of Saturn and the Moons of Jupiter. In dark skies you can see distant nebulae and galaxies. Plus, with a 45 degree angle prism included, you can use the scope during the daytime for right-side up viewing of the most distant earth-bound objects.

Full Size Tripod Included: This telescope comes with an aluminum tripod that is fully adjustable. Even if you're taller, you'll be able to observe the stars without having to crouch down in an uncomfortable position. A handy accessory tray on the tripod makes it easy to keep track of extra eyepieces. With the equatorial mounting, the telescope is designed to move in any direction -- making it possible to track the movements of stars as the track across the night sky. Use the declination circle, hour circle and latitude scale in conjunction to quickly locate any celestial body. Thanks to precision worm gears and a substantial counter weight, the telescope can be balanced so that the slightest finger touch turn of the flex cables will move the telescope in any direction with a smooth, steady motion. Be sure to add an optional single axis or dual axis motor drive to set up your telescope to track stars and planets as the move through the night sky.

A Favorite for Dads & Grads:  This telescope is a great gift for grads, dads, or anyone with an interest in space and astronomy. This scope is serious enough to give anyone a real "pros" view of the stars, but without breaking the bank. And, since its a refractor (lenses), it is a zero maintenance instrument . . . you'll only need to keep the lens clean to keep it performing in tip-top shape.