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Beef Cookbooks

chicken cookbooks

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From a perfectly golden roaster chicken surrounded with herbed potatoes to soups, salads, and casseroles that make myriad uses of the resulting leftovers, Easy Chicken Recipes by Addie Gundry is perfectly poised to answer home cooks' twin boredom with and reliance upon the old standby: a chicken dinner. This book includes easy appetizers like spicy chicken potstickers, inventive casseroles like Frontier Chicken and noodle casserole, comforting soups, backyard favorites like Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches and more quick and easy weeknight dishes for the oven, the skillet, the slow cooker, and the grill. Each recipe is paired with a gorgeous, full-color, finished-dish photo.

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Everyday Dinner Ideas has the answers to your weekday cooking dilemmas, with plenty of easy one-pot meals, like Hearty Southwest Chili; dinners ready in under a half an hour, such as Pierogi Casserole; and innovative flavor combinations, including Bourbon Chicken, to spice up your go-to proteins. From soon-to-be-class recipes - Slow Cooker Pulled Pork and Weeknight Turkey Lasagna - to fun sides - Easy Cheesy Loaded Potato Soup and Maple Glazed Carrots - this book will help you pack your week with flavor and fun for the whole family.