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Snowblowers and Snowplows

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SnowDogg/Buyers Products VXF95II, Snow V-Plow 114" Blade Width Corrosion-resistant dual 304 stainless steel moldboards with 1/2 in. cutting edge is an investment that lasts. Ensure both cutting edges contour the road scrape with equal force due to the tubular steel Floating A-Frame™ Enjoy 20% more ground clearance than previous EX models. Mount and dismount reliably and quickly with the all new QuickMount II™. Stack high, and lift fast with a municipal-style single chain lift arm. Backdrag in tight spaces with the VXF's dual-action angle cylinders. Fully enclosed 2 HP power/hydraulic unit and regenerative hydraulics with full size SAE standard cartridge valves and oversize 3/8 inch rubber hoses. Confront the storm with 70º attack angle and snow-throwing flared wings. Pierce through the dark with powerful dual-beam halogen plow lights with secure double post mounts. Protect your equipment with 2 independent 6 in. trip edges. Cut through heavy snow and ice--no problem--with the strength of laser-cut steel ribs, a full length 2 in. cross tube, and an oversize hinge pin. Ergonomic in-cab controller features single button control for all plow functions including V, scoop, and angle The flagship SnowDogg VXF95 II gives you the plow you need, storm after storm, winter after winter. If you're searching for a reliable straight blade plow, with rugged components, a stout-yet-simple build, and countless new features, look no further. Floating A-Frame™ The new tubular steel Floating A-Frame features a sliding-pin connection. This makes the plow less sensitive to mount height, and easy to align. The sliding-pin connection lets the plow contour the road for a clean clear, and helps avoid uneven edge wear. Not to mention, the design increases ground clearance 20% over previous models. QuickMount II™ No need for a plow jack with the QuickMount II. The plow's integrated swing-down feet are independently actuated and height adjustable, for easy mounting and dismounting even on rugged terrain. With the QuickMount II just drive into position, push on SnowDogg light bar, attach the electrical and safety pins, and kick up the stands. Moldboard Why change what works? The VXF95 II features a signature 304 stainless steel SnowDogg moldboard with nine 1/4 in. laser-cut steel ribs. A full-length 2 in. cross tube and a heavy duty bottom channel spread ensure impact is spread across the entire plow to protect vital connection points. An aggressive 70° attack angle along with a standard 1/2 in. cutting edge provide excellent scrapping action. All steel components are primed and powder-coated on site to ensure the highest quality. Trip Action, Lift and Angling Cylinders Four stress-optimized trip springs provide 40º of full moldboard trip action to help protect your equipment from hidden curbs or rocks. The new municipal style lift arm, chain, and cylinder allow for higher lift at a faster pace, and easy adjustments. The plow's oversize angle cylinders produce powerful, fast, and agile angling. The Full Package Buyers Products continues to raise the industry bar for quality and value. The fully enclosed 2HP, DC-powered hydraulic unit comes equipped with SAE standard cartridge valves and hefty 3/8 in. rubber hoses. A shock kit, “gloves-on” in-cab backlit controller, poly snow deflector, and dual-beam halogen plow lights come standard on the VXF95 II. Plus, there is complete fleet interchangeability and backwards compatibility with all other HD, EX, TE, CM, and XP Series plows. Product Common Use: 3/4 Ton Trucks, 1 Ton Trucks (and up) Plow Type: V-Plow Trip Style: Trip Edge Moldboard Material: 304 Stainless Steel Moldboard Thickness: 12 GA Blade Width: 114" Angled Blade Width: 99.0" Blade Height: 29/37" Ribs: 6 Cutting Edge: 1/2 x 6" Plow Shoes: Optional Snow Deflector: Contoured Poly Lights: Dual Halogen Bulbs Electrical: Headlamp Rated Replaceable Micro-ISO Relays Harnesses: Separate Light and Hydraulic 4GA Power Wires Trip Springs: 4 Angle Cylinders: 1 1/2 x 1 3/4 x 12" Lift Cylinder: 2 x 6" Mounting System: QuickMount II Stand: Independent Swing Down Feet


GreenWorks 2600502 13-Amp Corded Snow Thrower, 20-inch plowing width makes fast work of clearing your driveway and walks

13 Amp electric snow thrower has a clearing width of 20" & can clear snow up to 10" deep
Discharges snow up to 20 foot away
180 degree directional chute allows you to throw snow in any direction
Two-piece handle kit is adjustable
Cord lock holds extension cord securely in place
Mounted on two 6" wheels

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Requires assembly

This includes a mounting kit specific to your vehicle, please email before buying to verify a kit is available for you vehicle.


Ships via Truck

NO RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY. SHIP TO COMMERCIAL ADDRESS WITH LOADING DOCK OR FORK TRUCK. OR YOU CAN PICK UP AT TRUCKING TERMINAL. Please provide full delivery address including company name and your contact phone number.

SnowBearŽ Snowplows come loaded with features to make the job much easier. Below are just a few of the many standard features

Terrain adaptive design; compensates for difference in terrain

9 Pin water tight electrical connection

Includes deflector, skid shoes, plow markeer kit and caster kit

Snow deflector reduces spray; increases visibility

Snowplow fits most trucks and full size SUV's

Features And Benefits


Hydraulic Plow

SnowBearŽ Hydraulic Plow

SnowBearŽ tradition of new and innovative products continues with the SnowBearŽ Hydraulic plow. The SnowBearŽ Hydraulic plow offers the operator control of raising and lowering the plow as well as angling the plow from side to side from the comfort of the vehicle with a wireless remote with float control. Coming in both 84"x22" and 88"x26" configurations the SnowBearŽ Hydraulic plow is perfect for mid to full size vehicles. The plow comes with a two point (traditional SnowBearŽ mounting system) mounting system with vehicle specific mounting brackets. Along with a steel scraper, deflector kit, skid shoes and markers are all standard features with every truck plow offering, the hydraulic plow also comes standard with a caster kit and jack stands to help move and store the plow when not in use.


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