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area rugs


Beautiful Romantic White Swans Reactive printing 3D Bedding Sets - $229.00

Beautiful Romantic White Swans Reactive printing 3D Bedding Sets


Candy you ate as a kid

tankless water
                              heaters bug zapper
                              lights battery boosters

Hasselblad Cameras are the limo of digital cameras.

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Hawaiian Islands Tea

free catalog

Free Catalog from C-A-L Ranch Stores - Clothing
Hardworking famous brand denim, ranch workwear, plaid cowboy shirts, and camo hunting outerwear

C A L Ranch Stores is the ranch & home store, and much more, with livestock supplies, work apparel, outdoor sporting goods and everything you need for your Western lifestyle.

porch glider swings

area rugs

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McGraw-Hill Education

A large portion of all earnings from all of my site sales goes toward purchasing plants for an important environmental project.


Check out the T-Rex T-shirt!! Click the image!!

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Authentic Models KA025 Victorian Binoculars With Tripod - $142.50

Classic campaign glasses used by Victorian gentry and Army & Navy to observe while able to take notes and sketch. Sturdy 19th C. binoculars on elegant beautifully crafted mini-tripod. Binoculars were a Victorian invention and were much easier to use than the one lens drawn out telescope.

Shop the Click & Grow Gourmet Pizza Refill Mix for Smart Herb Garden to make any pizza the best pizza you've ever had.

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tiffany desk lamps


I have met a few women in my time that are very beautiful and have different color eyes!!

I hope that someday I can meet a beautiful woman that shares a few things in life that I do!!

for people with heterochromia

People with different color eyes often times have a harder time socializing than most people so I am trying to start a place where we can get together!! There are more than 200,000 people in the USA alone with heterochromia and we all need to be with people that we are all comfortable with!! There are more than 4,000,000 people worldwide with different color eyes and we all want acceptance and people we can get to know and have fun with as well as to be able to have fun and enjoy life with!!

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Refurbished Supernova Spy Camera 4.5CH 2.4GHz RC Drone - $59.95

The Refurbished Supernova Spy Drone is ready for action!

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Blue Wave 2 Person Cedar Carbon Sauna - $2,397.80

Retail Price: $3,117.26
You Save: $719.46

hitachi camcorders

dinnerware sets

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Click the You Tube Logo below to hear my latest cool music playlist!! If you like my music list please donate a few dollars with the paypal button below!!

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tire inflator

Click here to see my copyright document

On the second page of the website shown on this banner is the original copyright for the Internet-
if the FBI of that time had actually bothered to investigate
they would have found out that I was telling the truth-
instead they cost this country hundreds of billions of dollars in taxable revenues from David J Wards income-
as an individual-
because of their absolute dishonesty,incompetence,discriminatory practices,and negligence!!
If they had investigated at that time and collected all of the moneys due to me
and enforced the payment of copyright licensing fees up to this date,
David J Ward would today be worth over One Trillion Dollars
and the total climbing higher every day.
David J Ward has the potential of becoming the richest person in recorded history
or in the history of the human race and at one time was declared the poorest man in America!!

I am also seeking donations for an important environmental project and funding for future ecological projects-see the site by clicking the image

click here for the tropical plants sale

I am also seeking donations for an important environmental project and funding for future ecological projects-see the site by clicking the image-this looks like an incomplete project because so many plants have been stolen from this place


I have placed website hit counters here from two sources-one from this website and another from a source I found on google-check and see the difference in the hit counts over a period of time

This site is best viewed with firefox or google chrome-if not please give this page a moment or so to fullly load!

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Sharp X102 3D Glasses

Price: 127.99

Sharp Active 3D Glasses

Price: 41.99

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt- Glowing animated shirt dynamically displays the current wi-fi signal strength. Shows signal strength for 802.11b or 802.11g Black 100% Cotton T-Shirt - Size Medium Runs for hours off AAA Batteries (not included) Animated Decal is Removable (with hook and loop fasteners) for Easy Washing Battery Pack is Concealed in a Small Pocket Sewn Inside the Shirt

chain wallet

tankless water heaters

 photo 0419132044-00_zps15851e7e.jpg
my locksmith school diploma-I also have two other diplomas for advanced locksmithing and certification for a professional security consultant


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Coolpix and Powershot Digital Point and Shoot Cameras

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Hawaiian Islands Tea

Shop Just FreshDirect Local Amber Maple Syrup - Agreeably Sweet with a Pronounced Maple Bouquet and Beautiful Amber Color

                                    Greats: Delicious Turkey Recipes, The Top 100 Turkey Recipes


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Authentic Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset 3D Goggles - $49.29

supreme comfort / complete focus / convenient control / compatible w/ USB Type-C & Micro-USB / touchpad /accelerator/proximity sensor

The coolest of the coolest water toys are found by clicking this image below.

inflatable wateer toys inflatable wateer toys

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Kelsyus Premium Backpack Canopy Chair 2016 Model - $56.95

  • The new 2016 model! Patented sun canopy protects you from the elements with 50+ UPF.
  • Canopy locks up or down for shade or sun.
  • When you are ready to go, the canopy converts into a carry case with durable snap-lock buckle - no more bags to deal with!
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free portability so you can easily tote your other belongings.
  • Over-sized seat with rounded front edge won't cut into the backs of your legs for extended comfort.
  • Integrated large cup holder with o-ring for stability.
  • Sturdy powder coated steel frame supports adults up to 250 Lbs.
  • Frame Material: Steel with nylon connectors
  • Fabric Material: Polyethelene and Nylon mesh
  • Recline: No
  • Seat Height (in.): 18"
  • Dimensions (in.): Open 35w x 22.5d x 52h Folded 7w x 7d x 37l
  • Weight Capacity (lbs.): 250 lbs
  • Product Weight (lbs.): 9.85 lbs
  • What's Included: One Canopy Chair




This video image will look fuzzy until you click start-this is a video of part of my close to 200 acre swamp bottom tropical plant garden. By this time next year I will have a video of a large banana grove!! No I am not rich this property was given to me for homestead by Governor Anne Richards. This property was considered a human deathtrap and has been condemned since the 1950s.

This video also serves as evidence for the court.

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Soleus Round Radiant Electric Heater MS-09 - $58.61

Retail Price: $64.00
You Save: $5.39


cafe press t-shirts

Shop the Click & Grow Cheeky Fruit Refill Mix for Smart Herb Garden to make your food taste and look as vibrant as ever.

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Polaroid Cube + Lifestyle Action Camera With WiFi And Free 32GB Card - Blue - $149.00

The Polaroid CUBE+ amps up the fun with built-in Wi Fi, so you can instantly share footage to social networks or show people on your phone. The Polaroid CUBE+ app makes capturing, editing and posting faster and easier than ever before and the tiny 35mm cube size is easy to take everywhere. WIFI ON THE FLYStream your footage in real time with iOS and Android compatible Wi Fi capabilities. Need a viewfinder? Your Wi Fi-enabled Polaroid CUBE+ can pair with any smart device for real-time view controls and shot framing right from your device screen. GO SMALL35 x 35 x 35mm size means you can go stealth. Easily hidden for wildlife capture, as well as lightweight enough to not stress your baggage allowance, the small frame is ready for every video and photo op minus fumbling or fuss. GO LARGELet your friends and family see the total picture of your life. With its 124° wide angle lens, the Polaroid CUBE+ promis

Brand Brass Material Band9837 Trumpet Golden with 7C Trumpet Mouthpiece Case Gloves Stand Mute - $125.35

Retail Price: $173.31
You Save: $47.96

Polaroid Compact Instant Analog Camera PIC300BL (Blue) - $79.99

The Polaroid Compact Instant Analog Camera PIC300P lets you take pictures and develop them instantly in a matter of minutes. The PIC300P is a modern version of Polaroids instant camera. Its a great camera to have for events or when youre traveling and want a printed photo to share memories with. It has a 60mm lens that lets you fit in just the right amount of details in your photo. You get an image area of 1. 8 x 2. 4" (46 x 62mm) and a print size of 2. 1 x 3. 4" (54 x 86mm). Its 1/60 sec shutter speed allows you to take clean shots of moving subjects. The flash range of 1. 97 - 8. 86' (0. 6 - 2. 7m) gives you bright photos even in low light settings. The Polaroid Compact Instant Analog Camera PIC300P is an ideal camera to have around for those who want to share their fun memories. Fun and Simple to Use To get instant photos, you just snap the trigger and it prints them. Share your photos with your friends and family so they can have a memory of the good times.

Shop the Click & Grow Gourmet Pizza Refill Mix for Smart Herb Garden to make any pizza the best pizza you've ever had.




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Black Cherry Juice Concentrate, 16 oz, Dynamic Health Labs - $8.45

Retail Price: $14.99
You Save: $6.54

Black Cherry Juice is a well known home remedy for gout. The juice dissolves the crystals that form in your joints. I know it works because I have gout and this juice really helped me.

home blueprints click here If you are searching for quality home design blueprints from the architects click this image!!

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Summer Styles Upto 80% OFF: Apparel Sale and Clearance

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Seafood On Sale

ThinkGeek Tactical BBQ Apron-click the image to see more information

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Ruffled Fan Palm - Small Palm Tree

Price: 399.95
Small Ruffled Fan Palm Tree for use indoors and outdoors. Botanical Name: Licuala grandis, Common Names: Ruffled Fan Palm, Vanuatu Fan Palm

Sago Palm - Small Palm Tree

Price: 64.95
Small Sago Palm Tree for use indoors and outdoors. Botanical Name: Cycas revoluta, Common Names: King Sago Palm

Spindle Palm - Small Palm Tree

Price: 89.95
Small Spindle Palm Tree for use indoors and outdoors. Botanical Name: Hyophorbe verschaffeltii, Common Names: Spindle Palm

Sylvester Date Palm - Small Palm Tree

Price: 69.95
Small Sylvester Date Palm Tree for use indoors and outdoors. Botanical Name: Phoenix Sylvestris, Common Names: Sugar Date Palm

Travelers Palm - Small Palm Tree

Price: 79.95
Small Travelers Palm Tree for use indoors and outdoors. Botanical Name: Ravenala madagascariensis, Common Names: Travellers Palm


Portable Solar Cooker

Multi Position Folding Lounge by Telescope - $187.95

  • NEW! Taller seat height!
  • Reclines to 3 positions
  • Heavy duty 1" aluminum frame
  • Solid hardwood arms
  • Weather resistant Fabric
  • Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Seat Height: 16"
  • Open: 16" x 44" x "
  • Closed: 26" x 12" x 44"
  • Weight: 14 lbs

NEW! Taller seat height! Not your discount folding chaise lounge, this top of the line lounge is made by Telescope, an award winning manufacturer with over a century tradition of quality. Featuring multi-positions, a solid aluminum frame and hardwood arms, you will enjoy it at the beach or in the backyard. The Telaweave fabric is weather resistant and securly attached. Backed by a one year warranty by Telescope, you will be kicking back in this lounge for many years.

To view Fabric Choices, click on the picture under the More Images tab.


visit my twitter page at


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Zeko Shoes Ultimate Fishing Shoe


These are the ultimate deck shoe and fishing or beachcombing at the beach shoreline shoe!!

EmpireCovers 15% Off Carports

If you really enjoy beautiful outdoor architecture
then click this image to see a lot of very beautiful
and very expensive Gazebos and Victorian Style Greenhouses-
this particular Gazebo is priced at around 250,000.00

Imagine this in your backyard or in your local city park!!


slot car track sets

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Ariel Platinum DZ938F3 Walk In Steam Shower Spa Enclosure - $3,190.00

Ariel Platinum DZ938F3 Walk In Steam Shower Spa Showers Enclosure

Kona Coffee

Click the image below to see the new Apple iPhone 6!!

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Brezza Steam Shower Whirlpool Massage Jetted Bathtub Spa Jacuzzi Hot Tub Enclosure - $3,890.00

Strada Steam Shower Whirlpool Massage Jetted Bathtub Spa Jacuzzi Hot Tub Showers Enclosure



Little Giant Ladders

Click the below image to see all
the new android tablets on sale here

Page 1 of 5 is able to provide high quality eyeglasses at prices starting at $7.95, lenses included!

Terracotta Composting 50-Plant
                                    Garden Tower by Garden Tower Project



click the image to see the giant robot slippers!! Giant Robot Slippers with Sound - Limited Edition... Do the robot! When we were having these manufactured, we were sure to communicate that they needed to be three-laws compliant. The first prototype came with only two laws. It wasn't pretty, but we've totally fixed that wall and replaced the guy who sat in that cube. Well, more like mopped up. In other news, we're hiring! Moving on. These bootie-style slippers make your feet look and sound like a robot. Vrrrrrr-clank. Vrrrrrr-clank. Folks are guaranteed to turn around when you enter the room. And if they don't? Stomp over to them and threaten to smash their city with your Giant Robot Slippers. Can't they recognize one of their new robot overlords? Silly humans. These are one-size fits most adult humans. The interior space for your foot is 8" wide x 13" long. We intended them to fit up to a U.S. Men's size 12 (Ladies' 14), but they might even fit a bit bigger. How they work, the leg is made to hug your calf, so even if your foot is much smaller than a men's size 12, they should hang on. (Not kids. But adults. We put our tiniest Merchant Assistant into a pair, and she stomped around just fine. And sounded HUGE.) That also means that the circumference of your calf is likely to be the limiting factor. Measure 10" above the sole of your foot. If it's more than 15" around, these are probably not going to fit. If there's a spot lower on your leg that fits the parameters, you might be able to get away with scrunching them down. But we can't promise. Watch this video!!

Live Traps



Hubsan X4 FPV H107D Camera 4CH 2.4GHz RC Drone - $194.95

This rad tiny RC quadcopter has a built in first person view camera and a transmitter with a screen!

Look for the whimsical watches in the index or click this banner-watches with colorful scenes on the face of the watch

Whimsical Watches Animated Banner 468x60

2013 New Arrival 100% Cotton 3D Full size Butterfly Bedding Set - $162.00

2013 New Arrival 100% Cotton 3D Full size Butterfly Bedding Set

This song from Karen Carpenter always brings a little tear to my eye
Bless the Beasts and the Children

I have included a website security report
 on the left side of this page

Organic Kona Coffee

 photo 1008131810-01_zpsdecb9ac1.jpg photo 1021131058-00_zpsdbbb51ac.jpg
this is my little momma cat and some of her kittens-very affectionate-they like to sleep in my shoes at night-


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Scuba diving equipment and scuba gear at


Me-David J Ward- at the local Angleton Library working on my websites-one of my favorite hangouts!!


Certain persons have been spreading lies and bad vicious rumors about me to this local area for a long time-let me assure you that these bad rumors and lies are absolutely false and without foundation or a shred of truth!!
 The persons in question are trying to escape justice for crimes they committed against me by discrediting me and my character-they have a lot to lose because of the serious nature of their crimes in the past against me-take everything you hear about me with a grain of salt (so to speak).
 I am working on producing evidence to prove that they have been lying about me for a long time!!
If any person tells a lie about an innocent person-and that lie causes the victim of the lie to be killed by someone else-then the person telling the lie is committing what is called accessory to murder-and the teller of the lie is also responsible for any other crimes and property damages committed against the innocent victim as a perpetrator or as an accessory!!
Think twice before you condemn an innocent person by telling lies that can cause permanent serious harm and or injury to the innocent victim!!


. classifieds.

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 Raised Bed Gardening Kits for the backyard and patio gardener plus survival seeds kits contains thousands of seeds per order

below is a great chance to get a complete kitchen appliance bundle with everything you need for the kitchen at below retail cost !!

if you have knowledge of any type of online electronic crime occurring on this site please notify this website complaint form at                         
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No such electronic crime is occurring here at this time, but considering the value of the merchandise shown here,I would surely hate to be falsely accused-thanks

 Wolverine tough boots-the best boots that I have ever worn-tough and comfortable boots that lasted me for over three years of hard use!!

Carolina Boots-workboots and hiking boots-chukkas-leather boots that last

Dr Martens Really Tough Industrial Grade Work Boots

Beautiful Picnic Tables-wooden-cedar-redwood-octagon-circular-trough
classic shapes and sizes

 A complete line of mechanics tools-socket sets-screwdriver sets-wrench sets-air tool impact wrench-tire changing tools-rollaway tool chests-pickup truck bed tool chests-and much more-delivered!!

Did you know that Google Adsense has been a registered copyright violation since it was first published?? that the original copyright for that computer program design was registered on July-13-1984-and that Google Adsense was well aware of the fact that they were committing a copyright violation at that time??

  is a member of the Internet International Chamber of Commerce (IICoC) 

David J Ward is a member of the

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