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The Buttermilk Biscuit Boy by Amanda Nelson

buttermilk biscuit  recipes

The Buttermilk Biscuit Boy by Amanda Nelson One sleepy morning, two hungry cowpokes decide to make a big, hot buttermilk biscuit. Cowboy Jack kneads the soft dough and adds three pats of butter and a smear of strawberry jam to give the buttermilk biscuit a face before setting the skillet on the fire to cook. When the biscuit is done cooking, out pops a buttermilk biscuit boy-and with him, a whole mess of trouble Follow along as every creature on the range chases after the flaky, buttery pastry. The famished cowboys lead the chase over hills and scrub as they are joined by pigs, cattle, horses, and even a clever coyote. Illustrator Laurie Klein brings this hilarious-and delicious-retelling of the classic Gingerbread Man tale to life. Author Amanda S. Nelson's zip and energy invigorate this mouthwatering story. Will anyone ever be able to catch the buttermilk biscuit boy?


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