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sun tea jar

GLASS ICE ICED SUN TEA 1 GALLON JAR JUG W/ SPIGOT LEMON WATER BLUE RED BUBBLES Here we have a GLASS ICE ICED SUN TEA 1 GALLON JAR JUG W/ SPIGOT LEMON WATER BLUE RED YELLOW ORANGE BUBBLE CIRCLES. 10 1/2" tall. I would rate to be in a (8/8+) used shape with some normal user marks, no cracks chips or breaks. A few spec of paint missing, but small. Good seal on spigot, no dripping. Would work great for making Lipton Sun Tea. Shipping includes insurance, so no worries on this one~! This is a "BUY IT NOW" auction and the 1st bidder Wins this item with no other bidding. So get it before someone else discovers it on eBay~!



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