Brings back the memories of grandma's wonderful desserts. Pictures and illustrations are excellent enhancements to
the recipes. Easy to follow instructions. All sorts of delicious desserts - even Baked Alaska.

A step into our past, as American as apple pie. 160 pages of goodness.

The handy comb-bound edition of Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, 16th Edition, the tried-and-true kitchen resource for generations of cooks. The Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book remains the go-to resource for home cooks. In this handy comb-bound format of the completely updated 16th edition, every recipe, ranging from all-time favorites to modern classics, has been reviewed, revised, and revamped for today's kitchen. Included is a Holiday chapter, increased coverage of canning and grilling, and expanded information on fruits and vegetables. The "Secrets to Success" feature focuses on teaching techniques, such as making artisanal bread, while the "8 Ways With..." feature shows how to add flavor to basic items like boneless chicken breasts. With a redesigned cover to give the book a fresh, new look, over 1,200 recipes and more than 1,000 photographs, this comprehensive title is the one reference every home cook needs.

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Better Homes and Gardens Cookbooks Health-conscious cooks who lead hectic and busy lives can turn to this book for 1,259 recipes--including 600 new dishes in this revised edition. In addition to basic recipes, readers will find information on canning and freezing, low-fat cooking, table-setting, cooking terms, and the Food Guide Pyramid. Color bars on every page match color-coded chapter tabs. More than 588 color photos, including step-by-step shots of intricate techniques.

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Better Homes and Gardens: New Cook Book 16th Edition


Better Homes and Gardens Cookbooks The fully updated and revised edition of the best-selling, tried-and-true resource for generations of cooks Since 1930, home cooks have turned to Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book for guidance in the kitchen. This edition includes more than 1,200 recipes, 1,000 color photos, and more tips and how-to information than ever. The -Secrets to Success- feature in each chapter shows cooks the key ingredients or steps to making each recipe successful. The -8 Ways With- feature enables home cooks to customize recipes by changing up flavors in basic recipes like omelets, shortbread cookies, and more. Along with the best recipes for favorite foods, this indispensable volume offers information on new cooking trends and fresh ideas, a new fruit and vegetable guide with ID photos, and expanded coverage of canning. Because food is at the heart of many family traditions, a new holiday chapter is included, and throughout the book, icons highlight recipes that are fast, low-calorie, and best-loved. From setting up a kitchen to cooking a great meal, this comprehensive book fulfills every cooking need.

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